CDC Service

The Tsinghua SEM Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated not only to assisting SEM students to discover their career prospects, identify their career goals, refine professional skills, but also to bridging the gap between the students and the potential employers for more job offers and internship opportunities. The services provided are as follows:


I. Personalized Guidance

  • Career Exploration and path design

    CDC provides professional career assessment tools to help explore students' career interests and values, evaluate professiona skills and identify their career direction.

  • “One-on-one” career advising

    CDC provides one-on-one career advising to help students redefine their career goal.
    CDC also provides personalized advisory services for the students who need guidance regarding their future career development. Follow-up services catered to students' personalities and needs will be provided.

  • Advanced “two-on-one” career advising

    Under the cooperation with renowned head-hunting firms and Tsinghua alumni, MBA students can get two-on-one services provided by experts in relevant industries and CDC advisors. In addition, students will be provided with high-quality job opportunities.

II.Job Opportunities

  • Developing resources of employers,providing information about job opportunities

    CDC maintains a good collaboration with the leading enterprises in every industry thanks to the abundant talents and comprehensive training projects. Besides, CDC explores job and internship opportunities exclusive to SEM students with the resource of Tsinghua SEM advisory board.  Over 100 campus talks and job fairs are held in Tsinghua SEM each year. More than 4000 pieces of information about job opportunities are sent to students through CDC intranet page, career development WeChat group and email.

  • Organizing career fairs

    CDC organizes two large-scale annual career fairs respectively in autumn and spring, to which many renowned enterprises will be invited. CDC also holds career fairs of start-up companies for students who want to start a business as well as career fairs of head-hunting firms for students with rich career experiences.

  • Compiling student resume books

    SEM CDC provides all full-time students with a collective resume book, which will be sent renowned employers for recruitment purpose in a more direct way,in order to save time and energy for students who are seeking job opportunities.


    III. Events and Seminar Series on Career Development

  • “Inside the Industry” sharing series

    Senior executives, experts, and distinguished alumni from various industries , analyze the characteristics of various sectors, the job insights and the requirements for trends. To help students better explore their career goal and pathway.

  • Job-hunting skills-Seminars and workshops

    CDC focuses on develop students’ skills such as searching and applying for job opportunities, interview and choosing job positions. CDC also helps to improve students' job-hunting ability through seminars inviting industry experts and Tsinghua alumni for resume workshops and mock interview.

  • Professional Skill Seminars

    CDC helps students to further develop their professional skills, especially soft skills knowledge into power that can be helpful in different work settings.

IV. Organizing Career Trips

  • Thanks to the abundant resources brought by SEM Advisory Board and other renowned enterprises, CDC is able to organize career trips to companies such as Shell, AB InBev,Microsoft and GE for a one-day visits.  Senior executives and alumni there will introduce the development of different industries, business operations and talent strategies. Those trips can help students better the diversified business world and explore their career path in renowned enterprises.

V. Initiating Career Development Courses

  • CDC initiates career development courses for SEM master students of finance and other majors. The courses cover three parts including personal development, industry introduction and skill practicing. CDC invites career development experts to support career path exploration and invites senior executives in the finance sector to share the industry insights. CDC also invites HR directors from renowned enterprises to polish the resumes for students and to share skills and tips to excel in interviews. By doing so, CDC provides comprehensive and systematic career training for SEM students.

Campus Recruiting




Campus Open Day

-The Campus Open Days help build strong relationship with students in person

- Promote corporate image clearly and vividly

- The Campus Open Days provide opportunities to Interact with students for quick assessment and preliminary interviews

•In general, the peak season of campus open day is September to November and March to May.
•We welcome all companies to contact the CDC for more information about the process and requirements.
•We recommend companies invite Tsinghua SEM alumni to share their experiences on site.
•We recommend companies include a WeChat group QR code with in the registration notice (or set up on site) to better student information and post relevant information
•We recommend companies that hold events at noon or earlier in the evening to provide refreshments to show your consideration to  Tsinghua students who are busy with their studies. You can check with the CDC for potential suppliers
•Currently, the SEM does not charge for the venue or any other fees.

Job Postings on CDC Website

ob postings on the CDC website can be accessed by all SEM students

Jobs posted on the CDC website are also distributed to all SEM students via CDCWeekly email and the CDC official Wechat Account

Please use the following link provided by the CDC for job postings

Job Postings in Student Wechat Groups

WeChat Groups enable companies to reach all Tsinghua E&M Students with employment needs

Companies benefit from publishing information and receiving feedbacks from students more timely and effectively

Please send the WeChat message version of the job postings to CDC staff members. CDC will send the postings to the designated student groups on companies' behalf.
The registration function can be added to the promotional WeChat Message of the campus open day, so that companies can estimate the audience size in advance

Career Fairs

Companies can reach the largest student population and receive the most attention from students, with less investment and high cost effective ratio

Companies can receive resumes and conduct preliminary interviews on site to improve recruitment efficiency

Each year, the SEM holds two large Career Fairs in the spring and fall (online/offline) for all students

Student Resume Book Access

- Companies have the opportunities to select the right candidate and contact them directly

Companies can request resume books of different types of student groups from the CDC

Internship Programs

-Companies are welcomed to send experienced professionals from various departments to mentor students on improving resume and interview, or participate as interviewers in mock interviews, etc.

-Companies that wish to participate in the activities mentioned above should contact the CDC for specific directions regarding the Arrangements

•Companies are welcomed to recruit students with work experience ( MBA etc.) to alleviate the shortage of staff on specific projects and assess the students at the same time.
•Generally, internships for full-time students are arranged in the summer break between July and September or in the winter break from January to February, but for some  full time students in their final semester or part-time students, internships can be arranged more flexibly.
•Generally, student internships are paid, and the amount is determined by the employer case by case

Resume and Mock Interview Workshop

-Company images can be widely promoted
-Potential talents can be identified in advance

•Companies are welcomed to send experienced professionals from various departments to mentor students on improving resume and interview, or participate as interviewers in mock interviews, etc.
•Companies that wish to participate in the activities mentioned above please contact the CDC for more details

Integrated Practical Projects

–Companies provides real-world corporate problems for student project teams to solve
–Companies can further participate in activities such as MBA case competitions as a case provider
–Integrated Practical Project allows students and companies to form deeper understanding and relationships

The SEM designed different forms of Integrated Practical Projects for each of the programs Companies that wish to participate are welcomed to consult the CDC who will assist in connecting companies to the designated departments

Company Visits

-Visiting well-known companies has always been popular with students and has been proven to be a wonderful way for students and companies to learn about each other

•Please consult with the Career Development Center if interested
•We recommend companies arranging sharing activities from senior executives or alumni

Career Development Activity Sponsorships

-Sponsorship activities can showcase the corporate image to the largest extent, the effect is often deep and lasting

•Companies are welcomed to sponsors student career development manuals, resume books and other production costs
•Companies are welcomed to sponsors student career development training programs
•Companies are welcomed to sponsor the cost of assessment tools, training, etc.
.Companies are welcomed to sponsors students' company visit trips

Other customized Collaborations

-Senior corporate executives serve as career mentors or admissions interviewers
-Established companies collaborate with SEM to develop courses or programs with practical elements

Please contact CDC for more details