Tsinghua SEM offers a summer internship program to qualified employers. Gaining accelerating recognition and partnerships from employers, this program allows both students and employers valuable contact time before final placement conclusions. The summer internship program is usually conducted in July and August. The majority student participants are students to be on the next year job market.

CDC, Tsinghua SEM may designate Tsinghua SEM partnering Summer Internship Base to recruiters that meet the following qualification:

  • Industry leader, with steady business development and sustainable demand for summer interns.
  • A formal establishment internship training and management within the firm.
  • Three or more years of summer internship recruitment with Tsinghua SEM, with 3 or more enrolled interns each year.
  • No less than 1 valid offer of full-time employment each year to interns from Tsinghua SEM.


+ Why summer interns?

  • Expanded recruiting channel.
  • Smoother Employer-employee relationshipReduced cost and efforts
  • Reduced Risk
  • Improved Business Efficacy
  • Recruiter image promotion on campus

+ What students may be concerned when applying for summer internship?

    Students of Tsinghua SEM may consider the following aspects when applying for summer intern positions.

  • Match between internship job function and student major
  • Career development goal
  • The firm,s training and management of interns
  • Calendar schedule
  • Promise of full-time employment

+ Successful summer internship practices depend on the design and execution of a professional internship program.

  • Recruitment Orientation: The recruitment strategy should be compatible with the talent feature of Tsinghua SEM.
  • Recruitment Process: The campus recruitment is assisted by CDC, Tsinghua SEM. Internship offers are required to be communicated to the students and the CDC at least one week before the internship.
  • Internship Management: Students will be provided with training and orientation at the beginning period. Intern mentors or project managers will be designated to guide intern practice.
  • Internship Assessment: Students will be evaluated at the end of internship. And offers of full-time jobs will be considered according to the evaluation. Feedback to CDC and suggestions on talent education are welcome, so as to share intern management experience and nurture better recruiting environment. Students will also be asked to review and assess their internship experience.

+ How to recruit summer interns in Tsinghua SEM ?

    Best period to recruit summer interns in Tsinghua SEM— From March to June Assistance from CDC, Tsinghua SEM for your recruiting:

  • Posting summer intern openings
  • Online resume center
  • Campus info session about summer intern recruiting
  • Summer Internship Fair on every April
  • CDC Talent referral

+ Schedule for Summer Internship Recruitment in Tsinghua SEM

  • March-May: Posting summer intern openings on CDC Online. Recruiting process begins.
  • June Summer: intern recruiting concludes prior to mid June.
  • July-August: Summer internship
  • September Feedback to CDC, Tsinghua SEM