Recruiters of Tsinghua SEM may:

□ Conduct career coach
□ Open internship program

These activities support a lot to better talent selection for recruiters and clear career orientation for students.

+ Attending HR Open Day

"HR Open Day" is one of the series of activities at Tsinghua SEM held once or twice each semester. It intends to help employers know more about students, faculty, curriculum design, and career services of Tsinghua SEM before formal recruitment. You can register for a position by calling CDC.

+ Searching Online Student Resume Database

After registering at CDC website, you can enter our online student resume database. Employers can select suitable candidates from hundreds of resumes with various searching criteria. You can contact students directly and arrange interviews.

+ Posting Job Openings

Employers can independently post job openings and collect student resumes through CDC website. This step is crucial as recruitment is a two-way selection process and students tend to know their own career goal and advantages more clearly. Together with job postings and searching the student resume database, employers can broaden the scope of interviewees and raise the success rate of recruiting.

+ Holding Campus Talk

"Campus Talk" is the best opportunity for employers to make direct communication with students and to inform them of company culture. It not only strengthens your brand promotion on campus, but also promotes your recruiting work.

+ Taking Part in Tsinghua SEM Job Fair

"Tsinghua SEM Job Fair" is a good opportunity for employers to have face-to-face contact with students. Employers can also arrange interviews on the same day. It could improve your recruiting efficiency and promote your company image at the same time.

+ Recruiting Summer Interns

Summer intern recruiting starts in March. Students will participate in summer internship during summer break (end of June – end of August). This can effectively help employers broaden recruiting channels, reduce recruiting risk, and find suitable candidates.

+ Carrying out Management Consulting Project

Employers can assign student teams to carry out their management projects, and CDC will assist in recruiting the project team. In this way, companies can not only obtain the intelligent support from Tsinghua SEM, but also preview outstanding management talents.